Why I Want To Be Immigrants Essay

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In Sweden there are it almost 100.000 immigrants who comes in every a year, which is a lot of people. They come here for reasons, the biggest reason it that in their country they have problems or because the don't have human rights and that's a good reason to flee. Sweden is a country who offers big opportunities to the people to follow their dreams and to live a good life. The positive thing about Sweden is that, they offer education to everyone plus they give you a home and help you with the economy. In my experience i don't think the young immigrants take advantage of what the country offer, I don't mean everyone but like 35% of them. Many immigrants comes to Sweden and don't respect the laws and the roles here, which is very sad and I think it very disrespectful. They have to show more greatness and respect also be thankful…show more content…
If all of them live in the same region they will never make so much progress with the language and the routine. Many young boys are involved with criminals because the other affected them. How they become criminals is that first of all the find out that they don't have so much money as the others, so the start to sell drugs and steal money and so on. Immigrants have so much in common like the language and if all the immigrants live in the same region they will find a way to affect each other, either in a bad or a good way. Some of the swedish people have a bad image about the immigrants, because they think that they always make trouble and they are just ruining the country Which is not true! We can't just put everyone in the corner and think that all of them are the same. I think that government has to split the immigrants everywhere not just in the “hoods” where it's not so fancy, that will help them learn to make a better contact with the Swedish people and learn the language better and above all else learn the teamwork
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