Why I Want To Work In Political Science

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My major is Government (Political Science) and of course I am going to get a job that ties into my Political Science degree. Since Political Sciences is basically the study of politics, I want to work in place where politics is the main focus. So that's why I choose to work for CNN. And CNN is a company that employs people who have great knowledge and understanding of politics. Cable News Network is basic cable and satellite television news channel owned by turner broadcasting system. CNN was founded in the year 1980 by American media proprietor Ted Turner as a twenty-four cable news channel.
CNN has numerous of affiliates, CNN primarily broadcasts from the Time Warner Center in New York City, and studios in Washington, D.C. and Los …show more content…

The site is updated continuously throughout the day. I also want to work for CNN because they are a company that knows how to experiment and try other things to help the company grow to become better. CNN has launched two specialty news channels for the American market which would later close amid competitive pressure: the sports news channel CNNSI shut down in 2002, while business news channel CNNfn shut down after nine years on the air in December 2004. CNN also once had a partnership with Sports Illustrated through the sports website, but sold the domain name in May 2015. CNNfn's former website now redirects to, a product of CNN's strategic partnership with Money magazine. Money and Sports Illustrated were both Time Warner properties until 2014, when the company's magazine division was spun off into the separate Time Inc. Also back in 2012 , CNN launched “CNN Films” which is a motion picture division of CNN. CNN films mainly produced original feature-length documentaries that will "examine an array of political, social, and economic subject matters.
And my final reason of why I want to work at cnn is biggest and arguably the most most popular news network ever. According to adweekly, driven by live coverage of the year's US presidential election, 2016 was CNN's most-watched year in its history.

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