Why Is A Manipulative?

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A manipulative is often used in many ways to teach mathematics such as basic addition, fractions, decimals, order of operations. To name a few manipulatives; blocks, cards, number tiles, counting tubes, etc…A manipulative can be taught either concrete (hands-on) or virtual. Hands-on manipulative models are physical objects such as base-ten blocks, deck of cards, Dice games, and Algebra tiles. A virtual manipulative is a technology that models the existing manipulatives such as base ten blocks, rulers, fractions bars and algebra tiles to name a few. These manipulatives are in the form of Java or Flash applets, a web base technology. Normal playing cards have so many uses in teaching mathematical lessons. When teaching your students…show more content…
A disadvantage of using dice in a classroom can be a bit noisy with the rolling of the dice & students possibly dropping them on the floor. Although Dice games can be used to teach multiple math concepts such as learning multiplication, addition and subtraction and decimals to name a few the games can tend to get boring. The students may either get board or just play with the rolling of the dice for fun. Base Ten Blocks has been the most used manipulative numerical system in just about every classroom all over the world. They help elementary students visualize the base ten system while working on basic or a more advance math lesson. One advantage of using Base Ten Blocks; when introduced early in elementary education it helps students learn to develop their counting skills at a quicker pace and provides a solid strong foundation for advanced mathematics. Another advantage of using Base Ten blocks; they are great to use in guided math groups. Students are able to develop problem solving skills while working together in groups. A disadvantage of using Base Ten blocks; if there is just teacher demonstration and no hands on learning the students will not grasp the concept so readily. Another disadvantage; to multiply is that any product over a certain size cannot be represented (2002, M Freitag) Algebra math tiles help students of all learning styles to better understand mathematical ideas. One advantage of using Algebra tiles; they are
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