Why Is Anne Frank Banned

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The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank
What does it mean to ban or challenge a book? Well, challenge is basically to “attempt” to read the novel and ban is to completely remove the novel. The diary of Anne Frank was banned because where she lived was “in a world where sex and violence” there was, it was banned mostly all North America, but basically all middle schools. The reason it was banned was because Anne Frank was when days went by her body began to change, in other words she was going through puberty and the parents from the children’s were complaining because their children were too young to be reading and knowing what happens in their body because according to the internet a middle school got scared because she saw the word “vagina” for the very first time. During the time Anne Frank was writing her diary, the Nazi were inviting people and the teachers and parents were concern about it because they did not want for their son, daughter, or students to get scared, however it was …show more content…

Frank “kept a diary” where she just wrote all the “horror of war” but also through the changes of a teenager goes through and basically her childhood was not a typical childhood that now a days children have. They had a leader where at a certain time she was able to be outside, they were told what to eat and what not to, and just the fact that her parents had to leave her and her older sister at one of the people who he worked for. Anne Frank did not write other controversial book because basically her diary was just where she expressed her feelings and just what she was going through. However, many readers did take this novel positive because they took it as a “lesson” and did not care if it was to sexual or to violence or to depressing either way we live in a world where we have all those things happening , but she taught us how to fight it and protect ourselves from

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