Why Is Coffee Good For Study Essay

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Is Coffee Good for Studying?

An article in, titled "Is Coffee Good for Studying?", written by Edna Francis, discusses the effects from drinking coffee while studying for students. Francis states that drinking coffee helps us to stay alert and makes our concentration better. The author also tells us the three main benefits of coffee for students: enhances short term memory, increases focus and concentration, and improves mood, and Francis also declare that on different people the effect from coffee is also different. I agree with the Francis's statement that coffee has some benefits to student for studying. However, some claim in this article is not presented with a researches/studies or a specific researcher, so it will makes the information given could not be trusted. According to author Francis, a coffee is beneficial drink for students in studying a subject. Drinking coffee helps us stay alert and improves our
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Not only to keep us awake or improve our concentration, drinking coffee also increases our short-term memory. According to author Francis, the caffeine that exist in coffee allows someone to learn new information easily. It is because that caffeine increases the short-term memory. I agree with this, according to my own experience that coffee makes me easily to learn some new materials than not drinking coffee. But on the other hand, I do not fully agree with the Francis's statement about this benefit. It is because coffee has different effect on different people. Therefore, not everyone can learn a new material quickly and easily. According to experts from the Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee (ISIC) which is written in an article on said there are three main components that affect the different of coffee reaction, that is genetic, age and
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