Why Is It Important?

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Know the people
Knowing the people and understanding who they are and how they view things will give us insight on how to achieve the team’s goal, while including each individual team member and actively listening to one another to know where they are coming from. Communication is extremely important in this phase because everyone has a different communication style and different understanding of things. Perception is a very personal thing. Taking a managerial approach and ensuring that everyone is heard so that we know no one is left out, will ensure that we develop a team full of of individuals who feel good about themselves, feel validated in having their voices heard, and most importantly, feel excited about working together towards our unified goals.
Ultimately, everyone involved wants to achieve the same goal, which is the success of the group. We, as managers, must also take into consideration cultural differences and values of all employees, because this could impact decisions that are made. Being aware of whom we are working with and the skills and knowledge that they bring to the teams is important, as the success of any team is going to be a result of the collaboration of all team members. We will have some that do not agree, and others that do not want to participate (signs of the Tuckman’s storming and norming phases). In these phases, getting to know who we are working with will give us the information we need to help our teams through the storming and

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