Why Is It Important To Identify Organizational Issues In An Organization

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Justification Why is it important to identify these issues in the Organization? Human Resources are important to the Organization as they reflect Organization’ image. Poor Human Resource Management affects the Organizational success. So it’s important to identify the above issues by the Organization and need to address them effectively. o Recruitment procedure is a poor function at the AIO Campus. Selecting a right person to the right job is not an easy task. Nobody wishes to see poor recruitment and selection process. An effective recruitment and selection process will help to hire the right person to the right job in the Organization. o Lack of training and development is another factor. Training workers of the Organization is an important factor …show more content…

Organization’ success depends on their employees. The Organization can achieve their objectives from the employees. So it is necessary to have mentally and physically strong people in an Organization. o Lack of Welfare facilities is another problem. It is important to identify the importance of Welfare facility of an Organization? Welfare is a good tool for an Organization to show the employees that the employers value them. It will bring a happy working environment. This is a motivation to work harder. Also it will help employees financially. If the employees are healthy and having welfare facilities it will reduce the absenteeism and sick leave. o Lack of Career Planning also another issue at the Organization. Career Planning is essential and important to an Organization to function it successfully. Having a Career Planning in an organization will reflect employees to see their Career Path and also it is a sense of direction to achieve promotions. It will help to develop employees’ skills and will have the work experiences in the work place. Also it will reduce the employee’s turnover because they have a clear picture of their career

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