Report for a Recruitment Selection Process

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You have been asked by Johnsons Care Company to recruit a new Administrative Assistant for them. Write a report for a recruitment selection process that could be used to select this person |

The purpose of this report is to understand the effective recruitment selection process from Johnson Company in recruiting the suitable candidate of Administrative Assistance in their organizations. Recruitment selection process is a procedure of engaging individual suitable qualifications with abilities to apply for a position in an organizations.

We will look into the KSAOs model as an assessment of recruitment selection process for the position of Administrative
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(Huffcutt et al. 2001) reported that criterion-related validities for interview are more reliable in recruiting and selection of a personnel. The interaction between the interviewer and interviewee are deems important to set up the reliability, validity, fairness, and utility of the recruitment selection process. Apart to that, based on Johnson Company requirement, the candidate should be able to perform market survey and deal with customer relation activities. From the facts, there is concern from that individual customers are drastically declining. The candidate must be able to do an analytical structure and initiative of follow up to tackle the issue. The candidate require to attend client feedback and gather teamwork solutions as well. The role also should cover tasks to conclude and manage to communicate the outcomes. It is essential for the candidate to have a proven organizational skills. The capability skills of problem solving and interpersonal skills are very crucial. This is because the main aspects for the position is able to communicate with customer and warehouse team to deliver some the products to the clients. The excellent communications and listening skills will be the advantage for the candidate. Through interview process, the interviewer must take consideration of the candidate willingness to travel and work on hectic period during the holiday season. The candidate have to be flexible and
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