Why Is It That A Tv Commercial Will Advertise

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Why is it that a TV commercial will advertise, “Helping a child in need,” and yet, no one seems to help? Why is it that we have jobs specifically designed to help those in need, and yet, the government sees no reason to fund them? When questions like these arise, they can often steer a person away from Social Work because, who wants to work in some place with no money or government support? What people do not realize though, is that there is much more to Social Work than that. Social workers earn reward in satisfaction by working every single day non stop in helping those in need.Social workers have little to no government support and are underpaid, but if people take an interest in the field, they will able to see the importance of the…show more content…
They select among diverse employers, including hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, the military, mental health clinics and substance abuse clinics (Farnen, 2017). Another great part about Social Work is that they are never bored. Social Work is not one of those desk jobs where they sit and type into their computer all day long. Instead, so many unexpected cases and challenges appear throughout the days of the weeks that, the Social Workers are constantly on their toes. Once the phone rings in their office, they immediately head to places such as homes, hospitals, schools, community centers, etc. Social Workers are always engaged in the community to help those in need. Along with never being bored, comes being diverse and challenging. Either Social Workers are in hospitals helping patients, homes, helping kids, or community centers helping others, since they are always seeing different dynamics of people. This can be quite challenging at times for Social Workers because there are so many emotional cases that tug at a person 's heart. For example, a Social Worker may be assigned a case to help a 5-year old boy in an abusive home, but if something pops up where the Social Worker cannot help him, this may cause some emotional pain on the person. While that may be hard at times, when a Social Worker does get to help (most of the time), there are feelings of satisfaction in their hearts. Our world is need of Social Workers. So many people are unwilling to take on the tasks
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