Why Is MUJI Establish A Unique Positioning In The Retail Industry?

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1.0 Introduction

The MUJI has established a unique positioning in the retail industry in Japan and has successfully expanded to overseas markets.(Fujikawa,Y 2017)

Background and History

MUJI was discovered in 1979 as a Japanese retail company that sells all kinds of household and consumer goods. It sells household items, kitchen utensils, fashion, fixed, electronics, home appliances, cosmetics, food and furniture. Its main business includes MJUI Café, MUJI, MUJI campsite, flower shop and household items. The company also engages in construction works such as MUJI houses. In the early 1980s, MUJI had 40 products from stationery, men's and women's clothing, food and even cars. Its main business includes: MUJI cafes, MUJI, MUJI campgrounds, florists and household goods; the …show more content…

The product is sold using the slogan "Lower" Price for one reason. "The product is cleared Cellophane, plain brown paper label and red writing. Mujirushi Ryōhin's motivation to cut retail prices. Consumers see companies reduce waste such as selling U-shaped pasta, the left part. It was cut off to sell straight pasta. In 1985, Mujirushi Ryōhin. Began overseas production procurement, in 1986 began directly under the factory, In 1987, MUJI began to develop materials around the world. Products and services, including planning, development, production, distribution and sales. In 1995, the shares of "Muji Tsunan Campsite" were registered as non-prescription shares Japan Securities Dealers Association. Since 2001, it is listed in the first section. In April In 2001 they released Muji Car 1000, limited edition of 1000 pieces of shameless and rude Nissan Marches, only online. The system is developed with Nissan. Well equipped car (with for example, vinyl-decorated rear seats) are provided only with "marble white". The brand name "MUJI" seems to have been used since around

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