The Marketing Strategy Of Tjx

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Executive Summary TJX Companies consist of several apparel and home fashion stores in the United States, Canada and Europe. The organization continues to expand their brand in these three countries to keep up and hopefully, one day, monopolize their competition in the department store industry. TJX does well financially, such as profits and market share, compared to their competition and has achieved outstanding performance for several years in all the countries in which they operate. “Looking ahead, we see tremendous opportunities to bring value around dthe world. We believe our customer demographic one of the wisest in retail, and we are convinced we will continue to gain U.S. and international market share. To help retail our loyal customers and attract new ones, we’re planning even more aggressive marketing. We also plan to continue upgrading the shopping experience in our stores and offering new and exciting initiatives” (TJX n.p). TJX is a well rounded and diversified company focusing on apparel and clothing fashions. Their acquisitions have only furthered their growth in the market and with consumers globally.
TJX Companies Incorporated is a parent company to several discount apparel and home goods department stores. TJX claims to be the world’s leading off-price retailer of apparel and home fashions in the United States and beyond. TJX is an American based corporation, built by the second generation of the Feldberg’s family and its headquarters is

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