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Executive Summary JB Hi-Fi is an entertainment and consumer electronics chain store, providing a range of branded home electronic products and music records. The electronic industry is experiencing growth over the last few years mainly due to the introduction of a handful of electronic gadget which captures the attention of consumer. However, this growth focused on a few products such as smart phones, tablet, and music player while the rest of the products are slowing in terms of growth. Despite competing in a broad market environment, JB Hi-Fi is able to outperform its competitor and placed them well ahead in the market gaining a large marker share. JB Hi-Fi tries to achieve its objectives of expanding its market share by adopting 3…show more content…
Key Broad Business Level Strategies 11 4.1 Ansoff’s Product Market Business Level Strategies 11 4.2 Miles and Snow Adaptive Strategies (Appendix 6) 11 4.3 Porter’s Competitive Business Level Strategies 12 4.4 International Strategies 12 5 Strategic Implementation- general perspectives 13 5.1 Strategic Focus 13 5.2 Imposed Strategy 13 5.3 Strategic Drift 13 5.4 BCG Matrix 14 6 Strategic Implementation Issues 15 6.1 Internal Issues 15 6.1.1 Price Variation 15 6.1.2 Online Security 15 6.2 External Issues 16 6.2.1 JB Hi-Fi NOW 16 6.2.2 Issues with competitors 16 7. Strategic Evaluation 17 7.1 Balanced Scorecard 17 7.2 Strategic Evaluation: Current Strategies 18 7.3 Strategic evaluation: Future Strategies 18 8 Conclusion 19 9 References List: 20 10 Appendices 22 Appendix 1 22 Appendix 2 22 Appendix 3 23 Appendix 4 24 Appendix 5 24 Appendix 6 25 Appendix 7 25 Appendix 8 26 1. Introduction This report provides a comprehensive analysis of JB Hi Fi (JB)’s strategic management and operations. The current global uncertainty over recent months have provided a challenge for the retail sector and this report will address strategies JB implemented which allows them to continue growing. Section 2, strategic analysis focuses on the external and internal environments, using the PESTEL and Porters 5 forces

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