Why Is Sustainable Development Important

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Why is Sustainable Development important to Bermuda? Vincent Williams-Savery To answer this question, let us first define sustainable development. Sustainable development can be described as a process of “planning for a future without regrets”. What does this mean? A future without regrets is one in which our children can have the same quality of life and experience the same economic, environmental and social standards that we are allowed to enjoy today. Sustainability requires that we consume resources at a rate at which they can be replenished. When our capital, or resources, is used up faster than it can be replenished, this is referred to as an unsustainable situation. Bermuda is experiencing an unsustainable situation. We are…show more content…
How will our seniors afford health care and what resources will be available to tend to them? Bermuda’s economic success and continuing demand for housing has resulted in increasing development pressure on its limited land resources. Housing costs have increased faster than wages. High earning non-Bermudian families competing with Bermudians for rental units has created challenges in finding affordable shelter. Extremely high housing prices mean that the dream of homeownership is unattainable for many Bermudian families. Segments of our population are excluded from participating in Bermuda’s economic success due to insufficient educational attainment or skill sets. How can we address the housing crisis and ensure that all Bermudians can participate in Bermuda’s success? Our current practices are unsustainable. Sustainable development requires that unsustainable trends are not only identified but are also addressed. Our water use is excessive and water supply is scarce. Waste production, traffic and air pollution are increasing. Our population is aging, the proportion of seniors is growing, and the size of our workforce is shrinking. Open space is diminishing and home ownership is out of reach of the average Bermudian. The quality of life of future Bermudians will depend on if and how these issues are addressed. If we are concerned about our future, and our children’s future, then we should be conscious of how actions that we carry out today will impact on
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