Why Is Zentel Syrup Used As A De-Worming Agent

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Zentel syrup contains 'albendazole', which is used as a de-worming agent. The schedule which needs to be taken for both adults and children is ideally once in 6 months. Adult dose is generally given as a single dose. In children too, it is usually administered as single dose. The strength is 20mg/ml, and hence the suspension would contain 100 mg albendazole in 5 mL. Since it might be difficult to administer 10ml at once for small children, it can be conveniently divided into 2 doses of 5ml with 12 hours apart and then given on same day or two successive days. Kindly follow the instructions as given by your Paediatrician and do the necessary follow-up as suggested. Hope the information provided would be helpful. All the

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