Why Its so Hard to Be Fair

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The article titled “Why It’s so hard to be fair” is written by Joel Brockner,a professor at
Columbia Business School, the article was published in the Harvard Business Review March 1, 2006. “Why Its so hard to be fair” evaluated the benefits of process fairness despite its uncommon use, it also explained how companies apply it as a performance booster. Professor Brockner aim is to encourage companies to make process fairness the norm.
The article begins by demonstrating the effectiveness of process fairness by reducing cost and increasing employees' performance by stating an example of two downsizing companies. It explains how although “Company A” spent significant amounts of money providing a severance package for its laid off
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the article discussed the lack of consideration given to “Process Fairness” by most companies. Some managers wrongly believe that actual resources are more beneficial to employees than fair treatment. As well as process fairness benefits can also weaken executives power. Another reason is to avoid awkward situations.
Finally , Professor Brockner compels companies of process fairness such as investing in training, acknowledging the knowledge gap, and making process fairness their greatest importance professor Brockner talked about three steps to do fair process, and executives in a company can realize that it’s not enough for them to be fair, but they must be seen as fair. The author is certain that if process fairness is utilized correctly and adopted by corporate companies, it would lead to advancement in manys companies . Not adapting the authors suggestions can lead to many difficult situations resulting in retaliation by current or former employees.
After reading this article, I feel as though process fairness is a brilliant idea, that will improve many companies overall performance as well as their employees. This article had substantial and sufficient data as well as examples to support the underlying assumptions and conclusions. The article contained evidence that proved, fair process keeps employees pleased and valued as well as satisfied with their company.
I can personally relate with this article with an example

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