Why Juveniles And Juveniles Commit Crimes

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Criminologists have been gathering information for years on various factors as to why adults and juveniles commit crimes, what types of people are committing these crimes, and keeping record of the individuals who become incarcerated. One of the more common types of criminals are occasional criminals These types of criminals do not view themselves as long term or associate with a criminal title. Professional criminals are those who make their living from the crimes they commit and are more likely to resort to violence, no remorse for others and no concern for others’ safety. They are only focused on themselves and what they can obtain to get ahead, and not worried with whom it affects, as long as they get theirs. These professional…show more content…
They grow up witnessing drug deals, illegal transactions, and violent crimes. It is in the culture they grow up with, so they will more than likely adapt to their culture, or they will risk being cast out. If they become casted out, they no longer have the security of their environment. These neighborhoods often provide protection, financial aid, and housing. They may end up reverting to crime as a way to survive anyway. Those who have diagnosed mental illnesses, should not be held as responsible. They definitely should be punished for a crime they committed, but not as severe. One of the biggest emotions for criminals would be anger. If they have been wronged by someone, disrespected by someone or by a different gang member, the loss of a job, divorce, or their family, and if their finances have been personally affected, they can become upset. If someone can significantly alter the life of another by the use of these methods, it can cause the person who was the victim to become violent and more likely to take on criminal acts and land themselves within America’s prison system.
Some factors that contribute to the higher rates in prison populations are the higher, yet every increasing recidivism rates. Several other factors are when previous offenders return to prison for violating, or unsuccessfully completing community supervision, new criminal offenses added to penal code, the war on drugs, and harsher penalties for certain types of
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