Why Killing Is Wrong

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Almost everyone has been stuck in a situation where they were having trouble determining what they should do. In those situations, the actions that are available to them to choose from are either classified by our society as right or wrong. It is obvious to most people what the right option in a situation is as well as why they should choose it, but why do part of those people still choose the wrong option if they are fully aware what they chose is awry. One of the biggest examples of this in our world today is the meat farming industry, which to put it simply, is murder. Most people can agree that killing another human being is wrong, no matter the circumstance, but then why is it viewed as normal, or in other terms, right, for …show more content…

Those people may experience an adrenaline rush from choosing to initiate a risky decision and do wrong. Some of those risk takers may end up being addicted to the rush so they will continue to perform wrong actions for the pleasure they attain from it. Some people might feel the rush from getting themselves into dangerous situations that could potentially harm them such as walking through a dark alley by themselves. This gives them the feeling of a rush seeing that they are scared for their lives since they don’t know what could possibly happen to them during the time they are in the alley. Nevertheless, they are fully aware that they could have taken a safer route such as walking on the sidewalk on a brightly lit street but they still choose to put themselves in danger as they genuinely enjoy the feelings they experience from it. Those people will continue to put themselves in situations such as that as long as they experience a crash after that feeling causing them to crave something even more risky and dangerous. Essentially these people will act wrongly due to the fact that they enjoy how it makes them

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