Why Men And Women Want For A Short Period Of Time

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The phenomenon I am studying is what men and women want in a significant other. Relationships are an important factor in happiness for people overall but I wanted to see if there was anything one gender was specific on more than the other. I researched personal advertisements to understand what each gender is looking for and how they describe themselves online. My hypothesis for this project is men will be more willing to find someone for a short period of time whereas the women will be looking for a long-term relationship in their potential advertisements.
I used to find 30 personal advertisements from men seeking women and 30 personal advertisements from women seeking men. I copied the advertisements directly from the website, spelling mistakes and all, to keep the authenticity of the personal advertisements entacked. Once I finished copy and pasting the 30 advertisements for the men seeking women in all to a word document and the other 30 advertisements for the women seeking men in a different word document, I went online and downloaded the free version of the software ATLAS.ti. This software is a coding system for qualitative data collected in experiments. I uploaded the two separate documents of men seeking women and men seeking women to the software.
After uploading the documents I indicated what codes I wanted to include for the software to find. The codes I used were character traits, physical traits, previously divorced or widowed, how

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