Why People Cheat

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Why People Cheat?
People enter into a relationship to get to know the other person, they enter into a commitment based on their love, and they seek happiness in life. Whether happiness revolves around marriage and kids or a significant other to spend life with. All relationships have problems. A couple married for 35 years did’t hit several bumps in the road. What makes their relationship last while others don’t? That is a tough question to answer because there are a lot of factors. Cheating on your spouse or significant other is just one factor in an unhappy relationship.

Why do people cheat? There are several reasons. The biggest is opportunity and unhappiness. Relationships are built on love, and sometimes two people forget to
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• How do people make decisions about their sexual behavior? • What is the role of "will power" or "self-control" when it comes to infidelity? • What motivates our sex drive? • What makes it so difficult for men and women to be faithful? • Why do people cheat, but then expect or demand their partners to be faithful? • Why are some men and women more likely to cheat than others? • What can be done to prevent infidelity?

How Do People Make the Decision To Cheat?

To start with, human sexuality is incredibly complex. Decisions about our sexual behavior are typically not planned in advance. Few people intentionally plan on committing infidelity (at least not the first time it happens).

When making promises to be faithful, most people are serious and have every intention of keeping their word.

But while people generally have the best intentions when making such promises, human behavior is not always governed by the fact that vows were taken and that promises were made.

When it comes to making decisions about love and betrayal, logic and reason have a difficult time competing with our emotions for control. So from time to time, our emotions influence our behavior and lead us down paths we had no intention of traveling.

In fact, three separate emotional systems are involved in cheating - sexual desire, romantic love, and attachment. And often these distinct emotional systems pull people in different directions
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