Why People Go To College

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Why do people go to college when they can be out there making money? That is just stupid. The college life is not for everyone obviously, but what many people fail to understand is that it is not just about the assignments but rather the experience. My college experience so far has cause me to change in the following three ways: Maturely, Socially, and Emotionally. First, with any experience come an opportunity for learning and that is the basic formula for growth as a person. The idea of having a college level of education puts me in a different pool, in that I can gain more from others to better discover myself. The very environment of a college life for me is already a facilitator in finding myself. In comparison to high school, I feel …show more content…

As students, we’re always under pressure to perform and college is a great task that can also be very stressful. Whether it is staying up late writing that English essay that you forgot to do or just wishing you could be elsewhere, it is a fact that stress levels increase with attending college. For me, it has come to the point where I’m now a more critical person. Be it with other people or just myself, this analyst side to me has surfaced. Although my college experience opened my eyes to a certain level, it has cause me to put myself and others to high pedestal. I’m mature enough to understand that we’re not perfect and that is perfectly okay, but it is in that imperfection that my critical side finds strength to drag me down as I try to learn and grow. In conclusion, my experience in college has caused me to change and impacted to the point that I am now more mature, more social, and spiked me emotionally. Through the teachings of my professors and the environment that the college offered that I could learn and grow. Through my experiences, I’ve learned it is best to be more socially active. Lastly, it is for the strive to get better from those lessons that I force myself to be, thus exploiting myself emotional to the account of not

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