Why Restaurant Will Order Fewer Calories When Provided With A Menu That Has Nutritional Labeling

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2a) According to the first study, diners underestimate the calories in their foods. The experiment that I carried out also proved that the average diner underestimates their food. Even those who said that they were comfortable with determining how many calories were in an item, tended to fall behind by a couple hundred calories, which is something that the study concluded.

The main objective of study #2 was to prove that diner will order fewer calories when provided with a menu that has nutritional labeling. To carry out the experiment, a team led by Amy Auchinncloss, PhD from Drexel University School of Public Health, surveyed 648 customers at 7 different restaurants. Two of the restaurants that the participants when to
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Afterwards, the diners who were given the standard menus ordered an average 817 calories, the ones with the calorie printed menus ordered an average of 765 calories, and the ones with the traffic light symbols had 696 calories on average. While this might not seem like a huge difference, cutting back 121 per day can lead to a one-pound weight loss.

Study #4
The main goal of study #4 was to evaluate the impact food labeling has on the amount of food people eat and their calories. To assess this, 303 participants were randomly assigned to either a restaurant that had menu with no calorie information, a restaurant with calorie labels, or a restaurant with a menu with calorie information as well as the recommended amount of daily calories for an adult. The study found that people who ordered off of the menus with calorie information ended up ordering less than their counterparts as well as ate less food throughout the day. Overall, the people who were given the menus with calorie labels ordered 124 less calories and the people given the calorie labels plus the information ordered 203 calories less than those who had regular menus. Afterwards, the people who were given the standard menu consumed 1630 calories, the ones with the calorie labels had 1625 calories, and the ones given calorie
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