Why Should Abortion Be Considered Murder

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The name abortion sets an eerie feeling in the pit of one’s stomach. The thought of killing an innocent being should be considered illegal. No one should be given the right to kill an innocent child for their own selfish desires. Whether the child is a mistake, made from an inconvenience, or not having the financial capacity of raising another is no reason to abort. Abortion should be illegal because taking an innocent life is considered murder; it is not about choice, but the value of life itself and it goes against a person’s human rights. If killing an innocent child is not considered murder, then what is the definition of murder? Not giving a child to take its first breath of fresh air and by seizing their existence is a punishable crime.…show more content…
Killing a child that didn’t even have the chance to speak or fight for their lives is not justice, its immorality. In 1989 when the court Webster v. Reproductive health services; the Supreme Court held four provisions of a Missouri abortion law. The Missouri statue declared a legislative policy that “the life of each human being begins at conception” (Wardle). Besides the parents who decide to initiate the killing, but it is more of the doctors who are charged for murder. Kermit Gosnell, an abortionist was convicted of first-degree murder in the deaths of three infants who born alive. Not only was Gosnell charged for killing babies, but he was also charged for ill treatments towards women who were getting an abortion, which also resulted in some deaths as well (Wardle). Rape and incest is a major fallback on the issues of antiabortion. Most if not all people see this as an act of disgrace; if the child is born from this sort of misconduct it is most likely to be shunned by those surrounding it. Rape and incest is not a reason to abort an innocent human being, the emotional and physiological impact has already been placed within the victim. Killing the child does not take away the pain, but only increases the guilt within the mother. The mother is not only the victim of rape or incest, but the child is the product of that misdemeanor which also make him/her the victim as well. The physiological distraught will forever be upheld within the…show more content…
It is not acceptable during any circumstances to decide for a human being that they should not serve their life here on earth. A child’s life is much more precious than one’s own selfish desires. It is known as murder when an innocent life is taken, and no one should bear this type of mistreatment. Even if the child was a product of rape or incest, it would still be considered unjust to take an innocent human being. The child that would never get a chance to see life, and possibly be the solution to many people’s issues would never get a chance to take its first breath of air. Just as rape should be considered a capital punishment, so shall abortion because killing an innocent is a punishable
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