Why Should I Be Chosen For A Staff Team

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IGN: https://namemc.com/s/RipDip (One of my old IGN 's)

Age: I 'm 13 but i 'm turning 14 in like 5 days so technically 14.

Timezone: CST (United States)

Why should I be chosen: The key to a staff team, in my opinion, is professionalism and experience. In my opinion I am a lot more experienced than the average player applying.I am 100% professional whilst also being fairly experienced as a staff member on multiple other servers. Furthermore I 'm not at all toxic as you can see from my previous offences which are literally non-existant. I 'm aware that being helpful in teamspeak and in game is vital as the server 's staff members are its representatives and therefore must be working hard at all times. I can prove to you that I have NEVER griefed or abused on any servers I 've had the privilege of being staff on NOR do I plan to. Obviously there must be lots of players applying every single day however in my opinion I believe I can be a staff member who wont need much teaching but will make sure to ask questions rather than mess up. Furthermore, I believe it is vital for a staff member to have plenty of experience but not just that; they also need to have determination. No matter how hard the task is they should be willing to improve/learn and do the best to their ability.I believe I have this experience and determination.

Every time I log into the server I will be on teamspeak. I will look at the support channels often and help those who need help. If I can 't help

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