Why Sleep Is Important For Memory

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Why Sleep is Important for Memory Sleep is a natural state of unconsciousness and is one of the most important human needs. Sleep is also an active process which affects all parts of the body and cannot be replaced by anything else. There are some conditions which have to be fulfilled to differentiate sleep from unconsciousness – for example sleep occurs periodically and can be interrupted at any time. People also sleep one third of their lives and we can be awakened up by stimulation from sleep by stimulation. Similar to animals, the human body, is not capable of 24 hours of continuous activity. Sleep has also many functions. During sleep, the brain recovers its functions. It is essential for anabolic and somatic reparation processes and immune system repair as well as the proper functioning of memory (during the REM phase). During sleep, our body temperature decreases, our breathing slows down, muscles repair and blood pressure declines. If we don’t have enough sleep we can have physical and psychological problems. Sleep affects how we feel, look and how we performer on a daily basis. Usually a regular person should sleep seven to eight hours per night, but some people need to sleep more, others less. It depends on the person’s age, gender and individual needs. When people need to stay awake, for example, students have to study until late at night, people who have to work the overnight shift or work long hours, tend to drink coffee or a cup of tea or soda. Caffeine
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