Why Soccer Is A Sport Essay

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To many, soccer is just another sport. There are very few people who really have a passion for the lifestyle. Soccer may not be for everyone, but for those who choose to take part can learn many meaningful life lessons. Not only is soccer just kicking a ball into a net or passing a ball to a team-mate. The sport teaches dedication as well as solid work ethic, it also teaches leadership skills and how to think quickly. Many culture standards include playing soccer which can serve as a gateway to a parental figure since it teaches many life lessons. Playing soccer first teaches dedication and time management. Generally people start playing sports at a young age which means there is a high probability that they attend school and possibly have …show more content…

Being a soccer player requires sacrificing free time in order to develop self-discipline by going to practices. The reason why it is not for everyone is because it can be very time-consuming and demanding, but when an athlete has a strong passion for a sport and is willing to sacrifice, all of the work pays off in the long run. In the developing stages of life, young athletes get the upper-hand since their motor movements are constantly being exercised through soccer. Most soccer teams practice around two times a week which means that their motor skills are being exercised around two times the amount as non-soccer players. Soccer is a team sport which means there are factors that are uncontrollable. The lesson learned is that it is important to focus on what you are in control of and to not get discouraged on uncontrollable factors. Soccer is also is a game of mistakes and how quickly you can learn from them and move on. This can be related to real life situations where it is important to learn and move on. One example, if you do poorly on a test it is important to understand why you received the score and eventually realize you can’t fix it and must move on. The objective of soccer is to score a goal, but in order …show more content…

The sport has been in my life ever since I was young. For the past four years playing at the highest youth soccer level possible had taught me lessons that my parents were unable to. During the past four years it was mandatory to be at practice for at least three days out of the week and if we were unable to, the whole team would have to run. Since the coach made the whole team run for one person's mistake it put pressure for everyone to be there. When there were games and we would have to travel by airplane were required to carry ourselves as if we were professionals. There were meetings, specific times for everything and a schedule we have to follow. Those are just some lessons that the beautiful game has taught me. It is more than just a sport, at times I resorted to play soccer when I needed to relieve stress. There were times after school where I would go straight to the soccer field and practice for an hour because I was in a bad mood. Soccer has matured me without saying a word. In a way it is a language that only some can understand, if interpreted correctly it will open a door on how to become a better person. There are lessons to be learned but only if you take the time to think about how it relates to real life situations. Everything that has to do with soccer can be related to a real life situation. At times, I compare myself to people that

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