Why Student 's Drop Out Of College

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Getting an education is an important part in young person’s life. However, students face many hardships when enrolled in college. Often independent living is something they are not used to and find difficult to cope with the many stresses that they have not experienced at home. For example, having to balance earning an income to have money to live and study. This essay will discuss the three reasons why student’s drop out of college: financial constraints; balancing work with school and social life; and coping with illness and injuries. Firstly, one of the main reasons why students drops out of college is financial constraints, such as being low on funds. According to Scoggin and Stryron (2006, 115), financial problems may require that students work. This can get in the way of them going to school and / or have time to schedule study wisely. In the authors Scoggin and Stryron (2006, 115) study they surveyed the reasons behind withdrawal and 22.2% of 1196 students drop out because of financial issues. According to “Seven Reasons Freshman Drop out of college” (2016) the second most common purpose behind an understudy to wind up a college dropout is the expense educational cost and charges. Tuition insurance is so pivotal. The expense is likely to be contracted with losing most of the greater part of their prepaid educational cost on account of a withdrawal mid-semester. Yet an undergraduate might be hesitant to pay for protection on top of major educational cost charges.

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