Why Students Should Grade Teachers

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The tables have turned, students are grading their teachers. From the beginning of their educational life students have been graded by teachers. It only makes sense to let the students that are with the teachers almost every day of the week decide how well the teacher is teaching. Education is a huge part of every student 's life. The main goal of schools should be to teach the students the best that they can. What better way to determine if a teacher is teaching at the best of their ability than to ask those who are being tought. The brewing controversy on if the students should grade the teachers has caused an uproar in the educational world. Students evaluating or grading their teachers is not a new thing. Colleges frequently have their students evaluate their teachers. The controversy is mainly on if middle and high school students should be allowed to grade their teachers. Most middle and high schools are evaluating their teachers based on the standardized test scores or an evaluation that is given by an administrator. Allowing the middle and high school students to grade their teachers is bringing a new level of evaluating teachers and making education better. School is a place for teaching. Students are the main focus of a school. Amanda Ripley says “for the past decade, education reformers worldwide have been obsessed with teaching quality. Study after study has shown that it matters more than anything else in a school- and it is to low in many places. For

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