Characteristics of Leader Effectiveness Essay

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Characteristics of Leader Effectiveness An effective leader is someone who is passionate about their goals and knows how to motivate, inspire, and influence others to come together and work as one to reach a common goal and conduct compelling and important changes. The realization of some kind of qualitative or quantitative result because of the actions and influences of an organizations leader is essentially how to evaluate their effectiveness. The characteristics of effectiveness, of course, depend on the goals of the leader and the organization. The fundamental characteristics of what makes an effective leader are mostly universal, however, the characteristics of leader effectiveness from one organization to another may have unique…show more content…
Of course, there are variables to this thought. If we are talking about a little league team then the win/loss record becomes less important, and building relationships, likeability, influence, developing skills and character, and mentoring become the top priorities. However, if we are talking about a Division 1 collegiate program or professional sport, then, like business, results become more important because a Division 1 athletic program stays a Division 1 program by the amount of money, and students the college receives. Winning is much more profitable and attractive to prospective students. An assistant coach at this level would still be evaluated and judged on the aforementioned characteristics such as, communication skills, building relationships, likeability, influence, developing skills and character, and mentoring. And of course, professional sports is almost 100% about results. A teacher is one of the noblest professions there are. It is also very well one of the most criticized professions there are. If we are talking about a school teacher, then evaluating their effectiveness becomes, sadly, a fairly narrow scale. Because of standardization, the results of students test scores is the primary evaluation of the teacher’s effectiveness. It has also been said that test scores do not equal intelligence, so other more important characteristics
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