Why Tobacco Is The United State Of America, Brazil, India, And Turkey

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Tobacco plant is the same as botanical family such as tomatoes, potatoes
Peppers or eggplants. Adaptive types, which can be growing economically from 50 degree northern and 40 degree southern. More than 100 counties are growing tobacco like China is growing the most then United State of America, Brazil, India and Turkey. Indonesia grows cultivated which is called by name” bright tobacco” the reason is because of its yellow to orange colour, just like Virginia tobacco after the United State of America. This type of grows mainly subtropical region with light rainfall. In Indonesia this type of tobacco is mostly produced in Lombok Island. Asia is the tiniest and hardest type, grown in hot climate such as Indonesia. These condition and high …show more content…

Other than that, having a few places create tobacco quality, usually grows for supermarket domestic or cigarette quality lows, tingwe (linting dhewe) just like tobacco Kaponan from Ponorogo.

4.2 Tobacco control laws
Indonesia has rules and lows just like every others countries in the world, here some of the low of the republic of Indonesia number 40 year 1999 about press by the grace of God almighty the president of the republic of Indonesia.

• Smoke free places
Smoking is illegal on public transport and in the following public places: healthcare facilities, educational facilities, and places of worship. In other types of public places and in workplaces, designated smoking areas must be provided. With respect to outdoor places, children’s playgrounds must be smoke free. The realization of smoke free places and smoking-restricted places, however, requires passage of laws by local governments. The national law does not set a limit by which local governments must act, so some local governments have passed smoke free legislation while others have not. Sub-national jurisdictions may pass smoke free

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