Why Trust Is A Bond That Brings Humans

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Hard to gain; easily lost. Trust is earned, not given. Trust is a bond that brings humans as closely as love does. Trust could be a feeling, or a cause and effect type of thing. Of course, one cannot say that trust is infinite. Because trust can be gained and lost, and is seen in the actions of us humans as we live our lives. Some perceive trust as being put it in things such as, God, science, doctors, parents, or even water treatment plant operators. Other people look at trust only within in a relationship perspective, such as, being there for your mate. For example, trusting, supporting and showing genuine care for one another. Trust would also be demonstrated through consistency in his/her actions. For example, showing up for dates agreed-upon time. Keeping private information just between the two of you and always respecting boundaries. If you only look at trust from these ways you limit trust. Trust covers nearly every aspect of our lives and displays who you are as individuals. Trust should be earned not given, and some of the traits of trust are authenticity, experience, confidence, honesty, and integrity.
Authenticity is a trait of trust. Being authentically trustworthy requires that you be honest in all your dealings -- big and small. For example, a big way of being authentic in all your dealings is let’s say that you’re married to your wife/husband and he/she is going to alcohol for relief from stress. You know going to alcohol isn’t beneficial for them, so the
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