Why We Need A School

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Have you ever wondered to yourself why we need school, as well that it teaches students nothing about real life such as taxes and other bills? Do you want schools to teach you about life and what to do? Well, that’s exactly what we need to add to school. In future decades, middle class jobs won’t be available to the people with high-school diplomas. That doesn’t necessarily mean a four-year degree either. It could be an associates degree which is one of the best degrees you could get in such a short time. The learning community must be expanded if this shall ever be accomplished, we are fastened in the 20th century teaching we need to raise our norms. One way we can do this is if we align school with the job skills and professions that …show more content…

What this means is that students may be introduced to new partnerships or internships for getting ready with hands on experience. For example a person that went to high school may be able to earn some credits with the high school he or she went to. In other words the high school partners up with several colleges. After that the student may have an internship with the college and through their the student gets hands on experience. This will allow the student to get ready for his future jobs and he can say that he has experience so he/she is most likely to get that job because he studied that field more carefully than others and is more qualified. Partnerships also allow the pupil to be the “first in line” preference for employment. This has already been done in multiple high schools hopefully the rest of America catches up before it’s too late.

Furthermore, it will not just help out the pupil, it will help out society. It will help the economy because of the high skill set the new graduates have they have a bigger earning. With this the economy will rise and help our government. It will not only help our government but from their it goes to schools and the universities and to research labs to help create a even bigger vivid future. The students going to school will get a better education because their is more money to help pay for the paraphernalia the students need. It will raise grades for every student and as it keeps on going the economy will reach its optimal

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