Why We Shouldn T Have School Uniforms

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School Uniforms Kids shouldn't have to wake up in the morning and have to put on a boring school uniform kids should have the freedom to wear what they please to school .

The first reason why we shouldn't have school uniforms is that they can Attract Bullies.
Echoing this sentiment is a 2007 study published in the Southwest Journal of Criminal Justice. According to the research, assaults increased by as much as 14%. And also uniforms do not actually stop bullying humans think that these can stop the violence, but they actually don’t. Although everybody has the same thing on a student’s distinct personality will still stand out. The second reason is that uniforms can affect one's self Image. …show more content…

School uniforms aim to give everybody a homogenous look, right? Instead of improving a student’s self-image because he looks just like the others. this case is often is looked into girls. Girls who feel ‘embarrassed’ when they go to school in school uniforms. According to developmental psychologists, ladies have the huge tendency to compare how they look in school uniforms. And my third reason is that Uniforms can be Detrimental to Adult Development. Adult Development can have a huge toll in a child’s transition to adulthood. Adult Development can duration of early schooling. However, your transition towards adulthood can be hindered with uniforms.

And my last but not least reason why we shouldn't have school uniforms is that they cost money and we shouldn't have to pay to have a uniform we should be able to spend are money on something more important.

And those are all four reasons why we should not have uniforms because they

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