Why Wilderness Rehabilitation Is a Successful Means of Therapy

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Why Wilderness Rehabilitation Is a Successful Means of Therapy
Wilderness Rehabilitation is a growing method of therapy in the U.S. At the moment it is known that there is a minimum of 500 organizations that conduct therapeutic wilderness techniques in America. The rapid expansion of this method alone shows how successful wilderness rehabilitation really is. With many research studies to prove its therapeutic benefits for troubled youth wilderness rehabilitation stands as one of the most successful methods out there today.
Wilderness rehabilitation is a type of psychotherapy. Psychotherapy consists of treating mental and emotional disorders by talking about certain conditions and related issues; with therapists and piers. During …show more content…

According to Smollar and Condelli quoted in an Open Sky study “ in 1986, over 100,000 children and adolescents between the ages of 10 and 19 were admitted to psychiatric hospitals, while thousands of others were placed in other out-of-home treatment centers” (Open Sky). A growing number of teens are being sent to residential facilities for rehab. The results are conclusive making a significant amount of people aware of the successfulness in these programs. Parents are always looking for a better way to help their children and once they become aware of this method and its benefits many parents decide for it. According to Foster quoted by Russell in an Open Sky research “Even in an age of managed care the data seem[s] to indicate a trend towards ever-increasing numbers of out-of-home placements for adolescents” (Open Sky).
Clearly Wilderness rehabilitation is a practical and successful means of therapy. Thousands of people have been benefitted through this way and thousands continue to be benefitted each month. Though you can choose to leave when you turn eighteen many people decide to stay and finish their treatment. This insinuates that it is a healthy environment and that people are comfortable with therapy here.

There are many specific concepts that programs use in order to make outdoor therapy work and be incredibly effective. Wilderness programs use physical activity and constant exposure to the outdoors to treat patients. Wilderness experts say that many

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