Why Women Stay In Abusive Relationships Essay

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Why do women stay in abusive relationships? Have you ever fallen in love with someone? When fall in love, the world may turns pink and everything seems right to you. Obviously, this situation often happens to women more than men. Many women who fall in love marry their partners, break up, and get divorce. But some of them are unlucky to get stuck or trap in an abusive relationships, therefore they are less likely to leave. Some researches showing that women suffer from unhealthy relationship without being able to break up with their abusive partners. The reasons women stay in abusive relationships include abusive family background, social pressure, and personality disorders. In many cases, women cannot leave an abusive relationship …show more content…

What certainly makes women stay with abusers is they hope one day the violence will be stopped. In fact, many women prefer to notice only the positive traits in their partners, such as being beloved and reliable. However, not all of the abusers are abusive; sometimes, they realize they have hurt their partners. Feeling guilty, abusers try to make apology and comforting their victims, and this is why women still hoping for the better. It is obvious that women intending to stay in abusive relationships are influenced by dysfunctional families, pressure, and masochism. As we can see, many women are suffering from abuse without being able to break up with their maltreaters though breaking up would be the best way out. These reasons above are preventing those women from doing this. Last of all, if you have people around you who are in the kinds of this relationship, the most important thing you can do is be his/her supporter. We all may love the wrong person and cry for wrong reason. But one thing is sure, mistakes help us to find the right

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