Why You Must Build A Strong Culture As A Cio

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Why You Must Build a Strong Culture as a CIO As the role of technology evolves and becomes ever more prominent in the world of business, the role of the CIO is also evolving. Technology is now largely integrated with virtually every business and brand. While the main focus of a CIO was once to convey IT information within the internal corporate structure, that focus is shifting to adapt to modern-day business culture. The traditional CIO is giving way to the transformational CIO, and with that change comes the new task of creating a resilient culture within the organization. As the CIO of your company, you are now in the unique position of redefining the CIO duties of the past in order to strengthen your organization as a whole. Your…show more content…
The New Characteristics of Today’s CIO As you guide your company through its inevitable and ever-evolving digital transformation, you will also need to embrace a new characteristic necessary to succeed as a modern CIO. Today’s successful CIOs must possess a trait that was not crucial for them in the past: The CIOs of today need to be socially savvy in order to remain relevant to the company structure. If you believe that a traditional role as CIO will benefit you and your business, you could soon find your position deemed obsolete at your company. Your transformation as a valuable corporate leader means that you will need to become an influencer in terms of business (as opposed to solely an influencer in regard to IT). You will need to impress internal stakeholders enough to keep them engaged and invested. That means developing strong relationships with those who have influence over your company’s ultimate trajectory. One of your top priorities should be to consistently align your company’s IT culture with its culture as a whole. Your stakeholders want to know that their investment was a solid choice. As the CIO, you will need to know how to relate to such people and how to influence them. If you don’t do this, another leader at your company will – and you may no longer be regarded as a key player for your business. In addition to devising and employing the IT strategies that will
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