Wichita Case Study

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From: VINESH KUMAR Date: 13th October, 2008 Subject: In what ways did the Wichita case study illustrate some of the characteristics and dilemmas of modern intergovernmental relations? Introduction In many cases intergovernmental intervention is only needed in niche or what Conklin, J. (2001) calls “wicked problems”. The problem of pollution is this case study, can be classed as a “wicked problem’ as it touched upon several arenas and considerations simultaneously required governmental responses that involve multiple jurisdictions and departments for effective resolution. However several aspects of the landscape of public sector over the twenty first century has changed or evolved that has contributed to the context of…show more content…
Example the jurisdictional conflict was on the TIF concept between the city council and the state legislature. 3.1 Dilemmas in Complexity This complexity also raises a predicament in the public administrators operating in such settings as they have multiple points of managerial influence. This also creates an interesting situation which Grodzin (1960) calls “administrators wearing several governmental hats”. He argues that complexity confounds and confuses public administrator’s roles and responsibilities to an extreme degree. The City Manager is an example of an administrator wearing “several hats”. 4.0 Bargaining & Negotiations The fourth characteristic is bargaining and negotiations. The intergovernmental system has various actors and various departments/ sections that have different interest and objectives. They may have “joined together into one or more loose coalitions aimed at achieving some common objective,...they must perforce negotiate as a nearly ceaseless activity…in a chance of defending themselves or achieving even some of their goals....(Laurence, 2006).This requires one produce an agreement upon courses of action, to bargain for individual or collective advantage, or to craft outcomes to satisfy various interests. Manager, Mr. Cherches abiding away from the economists term of ‘command and control, approach, was able
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