Wilkie Collins Research Paper

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Wilkie Collins was an important English writer in the 1800s. Wilkie Collins was born in London, England on January 8, 1824. In 1873 he came to the United Sates. His father was a well-known painter and he traveled with his family to various places throughout Europe. From traveling to France and Italy he picked up the languages of French and Italian. Wilkie Collins suffered from poor health throughout his whole life. On his own time, Wilkie wrote stories called sensation stories. Theater was one of the many activities Wilkie was involved with. He proposed plays and magazines, as well as books. In boarding school, Wilkie Collins became a storyteller. Before he started writing, he was interested in the tea business and law. As a child and throughout Wilkie’s life he was considered an intelligent person.…show more content…
In 1835, Wilkie Collins attended Maida Hill Academy. After him and his family returned from Italy and France for two years, in 1838 he joined Cole’s Boarding School. When Wilkie was seventeen years old, he continued his education in tea trade. This is where he published his first magazine. In 1846, he became a law student at the Lincoln Inn. He was finally qualified to argue in court 1851. Although he completed his degree in law, he never practiced the profession. However, lawyers were used in his novels. He attended school to be in the tea business and a part of the law, on the other hand he only became successful as a
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