Will Gun Control Cause Any Changes in Society

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Firearms have been in our culture since the beginning of time. Guns have been used for many things from hunting and sports, and in some cases, personal protection. The Greek philosopher Aristotle wrote in politics, “That ownership of weapons was necessary for true citizenship.”(The History) Now there are laws, people, and groups trying to take “the right to bear arms” away from U.S. citizens. Gun control is not the answer to the whole gun problem. The laws can help prevent criminal activity, with some positive effects that gun control has. But gun control is not going to solve anything. Laws for gun can do many things to help prevent some issues and problems. The laws for gun control encompass many variations of possessions laws, and precautions so that criminals do not obtain firearms. The government has little control on individual states rights to possess firearms but according to Sandra M. Alters the government does have the rights “to require the registration of firearms, to determine how these weapons may be carried.”(Court) Another law that deals with the possession of firearms is that “gun ownership will be denied to convicted felons, individuals who are not of sound mind, and individuals regarded as incapable due to mental conditions,” (Court) as stated by Sandra M. Alters. Laws not only apply to those trying to purchase a firearm, but also to the people selling them. “The Firearms’ Owner Protection Act of 1986 prohibits any other person other than a licensed
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