William Kissinger And American Diplomacy

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I hope I came close to what you were looking for, as mentioned before I just started college after 20 some odd years. I am not familiar with the process or writing styles like Chicago or any others, and definitely without plagiarizing something, definitely not my intention. Hoping I caught enough of the citations but again very new to this system. As mentioned before, I am already registered for the Developmental Reading and Writing class that starts on the 14th. Looking forward to reading any ideas and criticism on this paper. This book was very hard for me to read and comprehend the two chapters to put into writing. My apologies on the dark blue ink, ran out of black ink on the eleventh hour. Ana Cooper American History after 1877 Dr Greg Shealy TR 9:25 to 10:40 Henry Kissinger 's “Diplomacy” This book is based on the views and discussions of Henry Kissinger and American Diplomacy America throughout the centuries have thought that in a perfect world if all other nations followed and mimic us in the process of our ideas, thoughts and laws that we would have peace and all wars would end. But, in reality it is not a reality for more than two governments to want the same things. They might similar in ideas but still differ in others. When you

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