William Shakespeare 's King Lear

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One of the most important life skills is being able to communicate properly with others. Having strong communication skills allows one to better understand the situation at hand. Proper communication is essential to working out problems because of this reason. In the play King Lear by William Shakespeare, Lear communicating with his daughters, Gloucester communicating with his sons, and Lear communicating with Kent are all examples of failure of communication, which later lead to consequences and hardships that the characters must face. Without proper communication, people will go through unnecessary hardships, and will be punished for it. These hardships are easily avoided by using strong communication skills, and understanding the message that others are trying to send. King Lear speaking with his daughters is the first example seen in the play where there is a failure to communicate, leading to consequences and hardships. During Lear’s love test, Cordelia says “I love your Majesty according to my bond, no more nor less”(King Lear 1.1.94-95). King Lear does not take the time to fully understand what Cordelia is really trying to say. Lear’s failure to communicate with Cordelia caused him to punish his favourite daughter, simply because he did not allow Cordelia to fully explain herself. Had Lear taken the time to fully understand what Cordelia said to him, he would realize that Cordelia is his only daughter that is being sincere with her response to the love test. This

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