William Shakespeare 's ' Macbeth '

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On a dark rainy night, Macduff sits in the room of his home unable to fall asleep. His mind is filled with troubling thoughts; after Banqou told him the prediction Macbeth received, he has the feeling that King Duncan 's death was not an accident.
Just thinking about what Banquo said made Macduff very troubled. "The weird sisters said that Macbeth was going to become the king" stated Banqou.
"Well, do you believe it" asked Macduff.
"Of course not, but look at what 's happening, King Duncan has died, don 't you think that 's just more than a coincidence?" asked Banquo. "Yeah, I know what you mean, something weird is going on." answered Macduff. "Well, I don 't know about you, but I 'm going to get out of this country, if Macbeth is …show more content…

"We are not here to torment you, you do not give us much interest, we are here to actually tell you what Macbeth 's true nature is" answered one of the sisters. "Why would you help me? asked Macduff. We all know that is not your true nature."
"You are wiser than we thought Macduff, but you do not understand our objective very well. We only want to cause misfortune in others as you know, and that is why we are here to tell you Macbeth is a greedy fool, who wants all power and will do anything to gain more, if he continues to be king he will cause destruction to all." responded the weird sisters simultaneously. "Now what will you do with this knowledge, we can 't wait to see." The sisters laughed and disappeared into the shadows from where they came. Macduff knew what he had to do, but he wasn 't sure if he could. Betraying the king is a great offense and is highly intolerable. Knowing this he has to be smart, the people he swore to protect are in danger, therefore he is going to need help.
As Macduff is about to leave to go on his journey his wife, Edith stops him. "Sweetie, where are you going at this hour, you have a lot of things packed is it a military move? Why didn 't you tell me?" asked Edith.
"My loyal, faithful

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