William Shakespeare 's ' Lord Of The Flies '

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Lord Brumenwald looked about the area. He’d just completed his inspection of the site. Despite the less than ideal circumstances, he knew the royal dignity remained intact. He could see the supportive (or at least tolerant) expressions in the mourners’ faces. He also noted that none of the visiting dignitaries seemed to be plotting against the Prince or Princess.

In fact, unlike the imprisoned coup participants, the other royals included them. They did so enthusiastically.

Perhaps there is a silver lining to this terrible ordeal. From this night shall perhaps come a new dawn? He watched Merlin speaking with Mithian and Gwen in the corner. The Prince may need some reminders on court manners. Imagine that Princess Mithian, as uncouth as
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Speaking of acceptance, the transition must continue. With your indulgence, my Lords. He bowed again. Then he turned toward Mithian. His eyes met hers.

She nodded and gracefully seemed to end the conversation with Queen Guinevere. Then she guided her fiancé toward him.

Queen Guinevere is certainly a role model in that regard. He recalled the consternation over Arthur’s marriage and rejection of Mithian. And now…now…we see Fate’s hand at her loom. Now the Princess has her true intended. Queen Guinevere shows her worth as well.

“Lord Brumenwald, we are ready to begin?” Mithian queried expectantly.

“Aye, Princess. We are indeed,” Brumenwald concurred. “We’re ready for you both.”

Merlin managed a gracious smile for the Chancellor’s acknowledgment. He somehow kept his composure.

Mithian nodded. Her emotions raged within her. Much as she’d advised Merlin earlier, she struggled to keep those inner undertows from drowning her in Pain’s brackish waters. She somehow muted her rasped breaths to a bare whisper. She understood the circumstances.

Then she felt the gentle fingertips brushing across her hand. She grasped her Warlock’s hand instinctively. Amor buttressed her resolve. Thank you, Merlin.

My pleasure. We are here for each other, Merlin replied over their link.

Indeed. As we are for them as well. Mithian cleared her throat. “Greetings, Friends of Nemeth. To the rulers of our fellow kingdoms, we gratefully greet you. While Prince Merlin and I would wish for
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