Wind Power : Wind Turbines

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The Answer Is Blowing in the Wind
Wind energy is a term used to describe the process by which the wind is used to generate electricity or mechanical power. This alternative energy source is not a new technology. Wind mills, similar to wind turbines, have been in use since 2000 B.C. and were first developed in China and Persia. Now with the increasing demand for renewable power, wind turbines or wind generators are beginning to be seen scattered over the countryside. Wind power is believed to be a practical, renewable source of green energy. Wind turbines, like large aircraft propeller blades, turn in the moving air and power an electric generator that supplies an electric current to power homes, businesses, schools and more. Modern wind turbines now produce 15 times more electricity than the typical turbine did in as recently as 1990. The mechanical power produced can be used for specific tasks, like pumping water or moving a conveyor belt.
Energy from wind is currently the fastest growing source of electricity production in the world and there’s enough on-shore wind in America to power the country 10 times over. The lives of U.S. citizens today have been impacted, geographically, economically, and politically. I think wind energy should be considered an important component of any long-term energy strategy and the innovation that windmills and wind turbines have undergone throughout history have changed a lot of things about the lives of U.S citizens and they will continue…

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