Wind Power : Wind Turbines

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The Answer Is Blowing in the Wind
Wind energy is a term used to describe the process by which the wind is used to generate electricity or mechanical power. This alternative energy source is not a new technology. Wind mills, similar to wind turbines, have been in use since 2000 B.C. and were first developed in China and Persia. Now with the increasing demand for renewable power, wind turbines or wind generators are beginning to be seen scattered over the countryside. Wind power is believed to be a practical, renewable source of green energy. Wind turbines, like large aircraft propeller blades, turn in the moving air and power an electric generator that supplies an electric current to power homes, businesses, schools and more. Modern wind
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Wind energy can be generated in most geographical areas, anywhere in the world where the wind blows consistently and with a strong enough force to make wind energy generation efficient. The stronger the wind the more power produced. Some of the best locations for wind farms are large agricultural areas and coastlines. This causes conflicts with other prime concerns, such as agriculture, urban development, or waterfront views.
Wind energy may seem to be only a clean and non-controversial renewable energy source, but wind energy turbines do have some environmental concerns. The noise factor is one of those concerns, the sound may be disguised by the sound of the wind, but there is a definite noise from the turbines. Analysts and engineers have worked to improve turbines so the noise is reduced. Other environmental concerns are the aesthetic issues they cause to the land, and how the turbines possibly interfere with radar or telecommunications. Also the flying rotors take part in bird and bat deaths. Even though they have these concerns they still have little impact on the environment compared to fossil fuels. These problems have also been either resolved or greatly reduced through technological development. According to the wind energy foundation, “In 2013, roughly 168 million megawatt-hours generated by wind energy avoided 95.6 million metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) — the equivalent of reducing power-sector CO2
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