Winston Churchill As An Important Politician And War Hero From A Young Age

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Aidan O’Brien

As Winston Churchill once said, “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often” and he did just that. Winston Churchill lived in a time where change was necessary in society. The world itself was evolving. He helped shape the outcomes of many events in his lifetime including two major world wars and government struggles across his England. Churchill devoted his life to making the world a stronger and better place. Winston Churchill played a crucial role in influencing history.

Winston Churchill was destined to be an important politician and war hero from a young age. He was born November 30, 1874 in Woodstock England into a very prominent family. He was the eldest son of Lord Randolph Churchill. His mother was
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The events in his early life and his very minor career in politics were a jumping off point for his very influential career.

Winston Churchill started his long line of influential actions during World War I. He first served on the frontlines in France during the war. He was a major with the 2nd battalion of the Grenadier Guards. After this, he became the commander of the 6th Royal Scots Fusiliers, a battalion of the 9th division. As both a major and a commander Churchill proved to be a born leader. He was "hailed as a hero and took advantage of his status" ("Sir Winston Churchill: A Biography – Churchill College"). He himself may not have changed the war as a soldier but his time as a leader led him to the appointment as the first lord of admiralty in 1912.

As the first lord of admiralty in 1912, Churchill made many impacts to World War I. Being the lord of admiralty meant he was in charge of Britain 's royal navy. It was here he made many reforms that Britain still use today including the switch from coal burning ships to fuel burning ships. He knew he needed to improve Britain’s navy after an early recognition of Germany’s naval power. After seeing this, he helped to set up a naval air service. The purpose of the naval air service was to give warning of approaching ships, that way the could defend better with the information that they had been given. At the start of World War I the Royal Naval Air
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