Witch Hunt Analysis

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In today's 24/7 multimedia, twitter feed, world it is possible for us all to have information from all kinds of sources. An illustration was the witch Hunt of Tim Hunt. Who colluded with it: the BBC, who exposed it? It was Brietbart's @Nero who took on the lynch mob, the Daily Mail who investigated the source, and latterly Louise Mensch who filled in the gaps of the sordid treatment of a Nobel prize winner. I say all this because it is genuinely hard to judge BBC presenters as they operate in a politically correct world that stifles impartiality and good journalism. What you can say is does the presenter communicate credibility and gravitas do that struggle with the PC strait jacket or lie back in comfort.

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It made for dramatic TV but he explained many of the areas covered were pro Assad. He pointed out to me the rise of jihadi involvement and predicted the carnage before anyone else. Why do I know that and the BBC did not.

Even before you get to gender the first factor is gravitas. You have to believe the person talking to you has substance. In the old days you might have Tipson and Redhead complimenting each other but whilst I have never liked Humphries' aggressive interrupting style it is worst now listening to him fawn over a radical feminist university lecturer with a bogus survey and report to sell.

So what of the male talent: Yes there's Neil, Urban, Esler, Landell, I like commentators who actually know there stuff such as Steve Hewlett on the Media Declan curry on business.

On the debit side whilst I think he is a good radio broadcaster Evan Davies fronting Newsnight is a disaster he is over exposed and out of his depth. His UKIP interview should never have been broadcast. Robert Peston's umming and arghing is no longer amusing and when he actually says something it's obvious or vacuous or, as with the Greek referendum, a mouth piece for the Brussels barons who want Greece

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