Women, African Americans And Literature

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Women, African-Americans & Literature in the Progressive Era One of the greatest turning points in American history was the Progressive era due to the advancements and social responses led by women and people of color. Many depictions of this era through secondary sources can be used to see the conflicts faced by the individuals of the time period and the political movement that ensued right after. Many favorable outcomes resulted from this time period including the start of reformation from women and people of color, and new entertainment source being literature. The nineteenth century was coming to an end, and new obstacles were coming into play. Urban growth, mass migration, currency deflation, and social issues all led to the …show more content…

The welfare of the city was a priority for many women during this time period. Compared to some progressive husbands, the wives had a tendency to be more independent and efficient workers. Ultimately, with the help of the progressive movement, women gained the right to vote on August 18, 1920. In the mid 19th century, the suffrage movement took on a new life. Due to the fact that women could not vote, they got politically involved. Beginning in the year of1890, women were creating organizations including the General Federation of Women 's Club, and the National Ladies Government Union. Strikes were being held for women solidarity, including the Triangle Shortwaist Strike. These organizations weren 't the only things that women were creating; they also contributed to the new libraries and schools in their communities. The role of women in the household and workforce was changing dramatically. Before this time period, women aspired to marry a successful and rich man so that they could live comfortably. Marrying a well-endowed man would ensure the wife with a steady income source and pleasurable life. This idea changed because women were starting to gain independence and strived to make their own money from jobs other than prostitution. Even women 's idea of modesty changed. They would usually dress modestly and wore their hair up as to not look prudish. This idea was thrown out the window, and women started dressing for

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