Women And Women 's Leadership Essay

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Women in leadership provided a variety of different insights about being a woman in leadership positions both in the business world and outside of it. One constant theme throughout the class was how women have to constantly prove our competence more than men. Women are less likely to have an executive position in a company, which means that when women are hired for these positions, they have to prove themselves. As a woman, this is something I have not faced in my current positions as an undergraduate student, but as I move forward in my career, I know it is a challenge I will face. One statistic that was mentioned during a lecture really sticks out in my mind. Women apply for jobs when they feel they meet 100% of the criteria, whereas men apply for jobs when they feel they meet 60% of the qualifications. Like was previously stated, women feel the need to constantly prove themselves, which is why they only apply for jobs they feel they can 100% succeed in versus men have confidence in themselves even if they are sure they don’t meet all the job qualifications. If you are confidence in yourself, you can complete a task and complete it well.
It is clear having confidence when apply to jobs, and in general is an extremely important skill to have. While there are many different strategies in the working world for women to succeed, it is important to work hard and be confident to get the job done. As we learned in class, there are few women who hold executive level positions.

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