Women Culture And Society Reflection Paper

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This class was incredible, and I firmly believe that you will be making a HUGE mistake if you stop teaching this course. I learned so much about my perception of the world and about other minorities. I have engaged with such empowered, fabulous women- all because of you. Although you are not a woman and this course is titled “Women, Culture & Society”, your insights into the various topics we discussed, your local connections as an activist, as well as the way you taught and structured the course had a great impact on the class. I can understand how vulnerable you must feel while opening up to a class full of women and discussing sensitive issues that affect primarily women. However, you too, Doctor Savastano, have experienced oppression and empathize with the confines of the female reality. What I loved most about this course was the way in which you let us discuss all of the complex readings that we had read. Although you acted as an arbiter, you let the conversation flow freely, and when you did participate in the conversation, it was not in the form of an overbearing lecture. Often, the space felt incredibly safe and somewhat therapeutic rather than that of an academic class; the heavy discussions we had helped us better understand the course materials as well as better understand one another. The conversation was serious and enriching, but not too daunting, and this type of dialogue is really hard to establish, thus the fact that we all felt comfortable enough to openly

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