Women Discrimination Against Women

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Discrimination against women has been around for centuries all the way to our Greek ancestors and early as our first civilizations. Throughout history a patriarchal society often became the standard, inequalitiy between men and women continued to grow further apart. The Neolithic Revolution (agricultural) and Industrial Revolution are partially responsible for shaping societies into this way since the jobs were shifted to be dependent on men. Today in modern America, women rights and equality has been a main topic of discussion with people demanding to finally close the lingering gap between the genders. Women in the past were heavily discriminated and treated unfairly when it came to government, marriage, and their own body. Slowly throughout the past decades, impactful reforms were made so that women today can have their own freedom and a wider spectrum of opportunities. Government rulings and decisions has the power to significantly change the everyday lives for the whole society, yet women could not participate. Although there were exceptions like upper class women, where occasionally we would see them as leaders or as high ranks, but the common woman was heavily deprived of their voice. This patriarchal lifestyle was what was seen in Ancient Greece. Even though a democracy, you could only be a citizen if you were an Athenian born male. Women were left at home and denied of a seat in Athenian government. This way of thought that women were not good enough existed in

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