Women Roles in My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Sir Gawain

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Men are said to be the head of the household and are usually the breadwinners with their main role consisting of providing for their families. On the other hand, as stated in the comedy My Big Fat Greek Wedding, women act as the neck of the household, therefore they have the ability to turn the “head”, or their husbands, in any direction they choose. Women had no ways of expressing their feelings directly in society, but instead expressed them through manipulation of their husbands. The ladies in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight exercise control in many momentous situations that if had not gone their way could’ve completely changed the ending of the game. For example, Morgana Le fay, an evil but extremely clever sorceress, had power over …show more content…
Gerald Morgan seems to support this belief in “Medieval Misogyny and Gawain’s Outburst against Women in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” when he says “Indeed the difference of sex is not a source of defect at all, but is required for the perfection of the species” (Morgan 20). Morgan makes an interesting point in his belief that women are required for the perfection of the species because they take on the roles that men do not. Currently ,women are breaking free from this secondary status and are taking on the roles of breadwinner and mother successfully, not needing a man to tell them otherwise. As a result, its unnecessary for women to resort to manipulation to express their desires as women in medieval history had to. Women had several manipulation strategies. From the chivalric tendencies of knights to women’s seductive tactics; manipulation was somewhat simple. Gawain’s respectful and chivalric actions empower many women in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, especially Lady Bercilak. He states “This is my duty, now and forever, / to serve you, lady” (SGGK 1547-48). Gawain admits to Lady Bercilak that he will do anything she pleases and is submitting to her influence. Gawain later finds out that Lady Bercilak was a part of Morgana’s game and compares his foolishness to biblical characters who, like him, encountered problems with women such as David and

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